Joy-Anne Murphy

An entrepreneur and educator with a habit of lifelong learning, a passion for justice and sustainability, an abiding interest in people and a deep love of her community, Joy-Anne Murphy is running for Camrose City Council in October of 2021.

Joy-Anne is a strong team player who always works toward informed and compassionate decision making. Years of hands-on experience with managing her own music education organizations, a wide variety of committee and community work, and a solid understanding of current affairs make her an ideal candidate for Municipal council.

An excellent communicator, Joy-Anne will bring several threads together in her commitment to the City of Camrose: experience working with stakeholders of all ages; insight into the arts, recreation and education from both a business and participant perspective; an understanding of decision-making and logistics; strong communication skills; and an abiding commitment to dignity, collaboration, long-range thinking and non-partisanship.

I have known Joy-Anne Murphy for more than 30 years. I've watched her transition from a student to a grad student, from a learner to a teacher, from a single person to a wife and mother. Through all the years, I've trusted her integrity, her intelligence and her compassion for others. She has always been interested in politics, and I know she will bring to Camrose City Council the same personal and professional ethics, honesty, hard work and commitment that I have watched her bring to every aspect of her life.

I have worked in various levels of government through my 30+ year career, and I have seen politicians of all stripes - many of them committed and ethical individuals, but many more driven by ambition and the desire for power and position. They lose track of the concept of service to communities and to citizens, and the results are often disastrous.

Joy-Anne possesses the rare ability to see the big picture while not losing track of the individual. She is running for Camrose City Council out of a desire to serve and to contribute in meaningful ways to her community. I can say without hesitation that she will make a difference in Camrose, and that she will always remain focused on the community.

sincerely, JCF