Joy-Anne Murphy

Extended Bio

Joy-Anne Murphy was born and raised in Alberta, and has lived in Camrose since moving here with a young family in 2001. An entrepreneur in the arts and education, Joy-Anne has launched, managed, and directed community choirs for children and adults, taught in her own private music studio, and instructed a variety of courses and lessons for Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta. She was also a contract music teacher at the local Francophone elementary school, École des Fondateurs (2015-2019).

Strength, Vision, and Leadership

Running for City Council in the 2021 election is based on the desire to use her skills and passion for the betterment of this community she calls home. Joy-Anne has a solid commitment to community, and both her work and committee experience have helped hone her leadership and communication skills. Always interested in teamwork and consensus, always working toward informed and compassionate decision-making, she is a strong public speaker with the capacity to consider and learn from many viewpoints. Joy-Anne is widely connected within the Camrose community, while remaining informed about current issues in the world outside of Camrose.

People-centred, Collaborative, and Non-partisan

Community involvement has been a priority for Joy-Anne, and not just through her music groups. Over the years, Joy-Anne has held a wide range of committee and community responsibilities. She has served on the board of Sahakarini Interworld Development and Education Association (2001-03), spearheaded the beginning of French Immersion in the BRSD (2003-04) and advocated for its continuation through Junior and Senior High levels (2009, 2012), co-founded a local chapter of Canadian Parents for French (2004), and served on multiple committees (2001-present) at Camrose United Church, where she is a member. Since 2019, Joy-Anne has been involved in activities of the Camrose Green Action Committee, becoming a full member in January of 2021.

Passion, Commitment and Experience

Joy-Anne Murphy is a perfect fit for the role of Camrose City Councillor. Our beautiful city is a hub of education, business, and health care for the region, as well as being a centre of the arts, sports, and recreation. Joy-Anne brings years of experience as an entrepreneur, working as a leader in education in and for the arts at all levels. Committed, strong, and with a tenacious work ethic, Joy-Anne will bring good policy and integrity to the role of City Councillor. Joy-Anne is asking for your support in Camrose’s Municipal Election, October 2021.