Joy-Anne Murphy


eTransfers - can be sent to

Cheques - please contact Joy-Anne for a mailing address: or via Facebook.


Flyer delivery - I have two people able to help already (thank you!!), but could use more, and suggestions as to which areas of town to prioritize. I am available really weird hours now that my choirs and lesson-teaching have begun, so I could do some day times and some evenings (usually after 5:30 or 6), most weekends. You are welcome to go deliver flyers without me, or ask to be with me - your call. I envision NOT knocking on most doors - in part because of covid, in part to save time, in part to avoid harassing people after the federal election - thoughts? I would of course speak to people if they are visible or come to the door.

Signs - I have 50 signs on hand, so far only 24-25 on my list to host (a few to confirm). I am seeking (A) help delivering them - I think they’ll be fairly easy to stick in non-frozen ground, but that are a bit thicker than the typical lawn sign frame. (B) help finding more locations! They have to be private property, and I’d love to have them spread throughout the city. I have started a google map I can share if anyone wants to see it - it would come from my ualberta email, so I’ll cc myself in this note for you to see that address.