Joy-Anne Murphy



Joy-Anne has the commitment and focus to ensure results. She puts a high value on researching and making decisions based on the best current evidence and the good of the community.


Joy-Anne is a non-partisan team player who remains dedicated to her values. Whether solving problems or moving new initiatives forward, she believes in working together with colleagues and the community to achieve success.


Joy-Anne brings the experience of 20 years as a Camrose resident. She is also a parent, an entrepreneur, a musician, an educator and an active volunteer in the community.


Joy-Anne’s background as a performer and music educator, as well as her varied volunteer experiences in the community allow her to take a flexible "big picture" view, and bring forward creative new ideas and solutions.


Joy-Anne is committed to open and honest communication with colleagues and constituents.


Joy-Anne believes in making space for and valuing the contributions of all community members.


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